Talent Search Worship Arts 2021

Talent Search Worship Arts 2021
Sponsored by MyHopeRadio.com
and UPCI Youth Ministries


Talent Search Worship Arts 2021 has no categories! What does that mean? It means there are no restrictions on the style of entries that can be submitted. Also, this change allows for more flexibility in the traditional style of entry; soloists can now use live music, groups or bands can include a greater number of participants and worship arts is only limited by inspiration and imagination.

All entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges and the top entries will be invited as a finalist to compete live at NAYC 2021.

The specific night a finalist will compete is determined by a random drawing prior to NAYC 2021. As in years past, the audience will vote for the winners by text to vote at the conclusion of the competition each night. During the Friday night service the first, second, and third place winner will be recognized.

Dates to remember:

February 1 – Registration opens

April 1 – Registration closes

May 1 – Finalists announced


Here are a few points of interest regarding the contest:

• Entries will be accepted from 10:00 am (Central Time) February 1, 2021, until 10:00 am (Central Time) April 1, 2021.

• Entry fee is $60.00 and is non-refundable

• First place will receive $2,000.00

• Second Place will receive $1,000.00

• Third Place will receive $500.00

• The finalists will compete during NAYC 2021

• Email your questions to MyHopeRadio@upci.org 

• Please read all rules and guidelines before entering Talent Search Worship Arts 2021. Rules and guidelines here.