Kenny & Donna Johnson

My Hope Radio: In three or four sentences, how would you describe your journey of faith? 

Kenny Johnson: On the very same day, I was born, April 17, 1953, my oldest brother Lamar Johnson of Winnsboro, Louisiana, prayed through to the Holy Ghost He took my Mom, Eva Lee Johnson, to church and she was filled with the Holy Ghost too. There are nine kids in the family and all are filled with the Holy Ghost. I along with my wife have now been in the music ministry for fifteen years. We have recorded ten CDs including our new Christmas CD.

MHR: What is your favorite Scripture in the Bible?

KJ: II Tim 3:15: “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures…”

MHR: What is your music background? (Who influenced you, when did you start singing, etc…)

KJ: I’m the writer, my wife is the singer, and we both play by ear only. Favorite singers are Joan Ewing, Burl Ives, and the Blackwood Brothers.

MHR: What specific themes do you cover in your songs? Why?

KJ: The Blood and Calvary comes up a lot-because of a salvation message.

MHR: Do you write your own songs? (If so, discuss your usual songwriting process.)

KJ: Yes, we write them all-too much to get into here. I do write from inspiration and the learned craft but the God given song is always the best!

MHR: Where can we listen, purchase, and connect with you?

KJ: or Facebook

Fun Stuff

iPhone or Droid?

iPhone, of course

Times New Roman or other (font)?


Painting or Photo?


Bookmark or Dog-ear?

Bookmark, no bent pages or money

Ugly car that runs like a dream or beautiful car that breaks down?