Alexa Willis

I can say that I have a wonderful family! My parents are John and Carrie Willis. They have always been very supportive of me. Their encouraging words have helped get me to where I am today. They have always believed in me every step of the way and I thank them for that. I have been blessed with twin, fourteen-year-old bothers, Collin and Parker. My brothers are awesome! We like to have jam sessions every now and then. They were able to go with me on the second recording journey. I am very glad that they were able to experience the studio process.

Describe your spiritual journey.

I was seven years old when receiving the Holy Ghost. My father was doing sound at a minister’s conference and I had attended children’s church; that is where God met me! Upon returning home that next Sunday I was baptized in the name of Jesus.

As far as living an overcoming life, I would first have to say that I am not perfect. There is only One that is perfect; however, we are to strive for perfection. There are many times in my life where I have fallen and made mistakes, but I serve a God whose mercy and grace has never failed me. Overcoming the obstacles of life are not always easy; but, through the valleys I have always remembered this one thing….God will NEVER give me anything that He will not equip me to handle. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I repeat that daily to myself, because whatever I am facing, it is not too big for God. I will overcome!

What is your music background?

I have sung pretty much all my life. My first song that I ever wrote (at four years old) was called, “Jesus Went to the Mall and Ate at Papa Hut”. Very interesting, I know. I started music very young. Music from all genres would be playing in my house continuously. My mother was in a band called 7th Avenue when I was very young. I was always the little four-year-old girl playing with my toys listening to her practice.

Mrs. Amy Elkins has been a great influence on me. She was also in the same band as my mother. When I was little she would sit down with me during a break and try to teach me harmony parts. I would watch her as a young child singing with such passion. It made me think to myself that I wanted to be able to share God’s love through song just like she did.

My grandparents, Pastor John and Sheila Willis also traveled, sang, and evangelized for several years. The song titled “You Go” was written about them portraying their positive influence on my life. Numerous people have influenced me through the years.

Many different artist and songwriters have affected me greatly: Bear and Bo Rhinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE, Dave Barnes, Seth Mosley, Andrew Ripp, Francesca Battistelli….The list could go on forever.

What is the vision, purpose, and comprehensive message in your latest CD?

The vision for my latest project was to let people know that there is hope. There is a song called “OK” on my latest EP. I wrote this song when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. The song speaks of tests and trials. Maybe one does not understand how things used to be so simple and now they are in total chaos. The lyrics are meant to assure everyone that it will be OK. There is everlasting hope, everyone can find joy, and God will give peace which passeth all understanding.

“You Are His” is a song that portrays a message of hope. I wrote this song about a girl who I have known for a long time. We were in a van (heading to Ohio, I believe) and I looked over and she was sleeping. In my mind I thought, “she doesn’t understand how beautiful, talented and incredible she is.”

I have also been a victim of the lies that the devil has told: “You are fat, you’re ugly, you’re worthless, no one loves you, you are nothing.” I wrote this song to tell people that those are the lies of the enemy. He wants us to think these negative things that are not of God. God wants YOU to know that you are His. He made everyone beautiful; you’re indescribable! The next time the devil comes to you and tries to fill your mind with negative thoughts, you need to say, “Wait a minute….I am His!”

What is your most favorite part of the “album-making process”?

My favorite part of the album-making process is tracking; grabbing a pair of headphones in the vocal booth and adding all the background vocals, harmonies and all of that fun stuff. 🙂

Describe the nature of your ministry.

I sing with the praise team at First Apostolic Church, North Vernon, IN. I have been blessed to travel and sing at camps, conferences, youth events, and concerts. My brothers accompany me on stage and assist with music.

What do you feel is the most rewarding aspect of your ministry?

The most rewarding aspect of my ministry is seeing people get touched. One must remember the reason for writing and singing. He is the reason for putting pen to paper or picking up a microphone; it is not for anyone or anything else. When people surrender themselves to Him and say, “Lord, I will do what You want me to do,” He honors those words. Anytime I begin to sing I always pray, “God have Your way, let someone be touched, and please anoint me.” When I see someone getting a blessing from God that blesses me.

What is the best musical advice you have ever been given from a mentor or influence in music ministry?

The best advice ever received would have to be when I was a young girl singing in our camp choir. Our director told us to pray for the anointing not only when we were taking the stage to sing, but pray that the anointing would follow us everywhere we went. That advice has stuck with me for years.

Fun Stuff

What are five things you can’t live without?

Books (Bible included), Ipod, Camera, Coffee, Friends, and family

What time in history would you like to visit for a week?

I would probably visit the 1700’s.

What is your favorite song to belt out in the car?

Washed by the Water by NEEDTOBREATHE.

Who do you want to send a ‘shout out’ to? 

I would like to send a shout out to two of the most amazing people I know. Adam and Rebekah Phillippe, thank you for all of your support, your prayers, and your love. I don’t know what I would do without you. You have always been there for me. Thank you for being the true friends you are. I pray God blesses you.

Where can we listen, purchase, and connect with you?

You can listen on and purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, and more. Connect with me on facebook – AlexaWillisMusic – and twitter – @alexa_willis.