I am an Apostolic singer/musician. How would I get my music played on one of your stations?

Please send two copies of your CD to:

My Hope Radio
36 Research Park Court
Weldon Spring, MO 63304

Please include the release date of the CD, selling price, contact information on how the CD can be purchased, information on the church you attend, and your contact information. Once we receive the package it will be given to our music panel for approval. Then it will be given to the new product committee with Pentecostal Publishing House. Once the CD is approved by both committee we will begin playing it on MyHopeRadio.com

Is it true that this Internet radio station only plays Apostolic artists and groups?

Do you allow advertising on your site?
At this time we don’t

Do you charge to listen to your stations and playlists?
No. Currently all stations are free to the general public.

How can I support MyHopeRadio?
Please visit our ‘join MyHopeFamily’ page for details or click here.