Mike Anderson & Christ Church Concert Chorale

Tell us a about your church choir. 

The Christ Church concert chorale was started and directed by the Reverend Mike Anderson, a renowned Gospel singer and Pastor. He has multiple recording projects to his credit. Our most recent project is Reverend Mike Anderson and the Christ Church Concert Chorale “We have the Power”. He is composer of many gospel songs, particularly “He that Overcometh”. Pastor has presented many songs to the Apostolic movement including “I've Got a Feeling”, “The Lord came through”, “He was more than just a man”, and more. He is a veteran gospel singer, singing in church since he was three years old, and son of International singing evangelist Helen Anderson Cole. He has traveled world-wide training choirs to sing with fervency and mega energy. His trademark style is anointed and fervent worship.


He has been accompanied in his ministry by his beloved wife Kristene (Olson), and she has been so supportive of his vision. The Christ Church choir has been together for nearly twenty years. The choir has an extremely versatile repertoire of gospel music with something to suit almost every occasion. We have had the opportunity to sing in many conferences, camp meetings as well as outside venues. Houston Celebration on the Daystar Network, a popular Christian television program in Houston, featured this choir as well as the many talented singers in the choir numerous times over the last fourteen years. Members of the choir along with Pastor and Sister Anderson have made several missions trips over the past few years to the UK and France including a concert tour in London several years ago and sponsoring a 2008 London Crusade held in Central London.

Tell us a little about the church.

Christ Church was founded by Sister Kristene's parents Reverend Fred and Jean Olson (Baker) over 60 years ago; it is strong in Apostolic doctrine with the Pentecostal experience. In fact “Where Pentecost is an Experience” is the theme of the church. Pastor Mike and Kris Anderson have been senior Pastor for twenty-two years. Every service is visited by the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. An exciting worship style and evangelistic thrust is central to everything. The Anderson's son Reverend Jon Paul McDaniel and his wife Crystal came along side of the Anderson's in 2011 as Pastors. Crystal, an accomplished and well known singer in the Houston area, is now Minister of Music.

What is one of the choir's favorite songs to sing? Why is it a favorite?

“I Love the Lord”, “No one can touch you like Jesus can” (track two of our latest project) would be our signature songs because they minister to others uniquely. Also listen to track three of our latest album, “Still I will trust you” as it ministers to your soul. These have such a powerful expressive anointing every time they are sung.

Has your choir participated in any special presentation or contests? 

We have participated in How Sweet the Sound events as well as being one of the core groups in the magnificent drama “Healed in Houston” presented at the Toyota Center Houston General Conference 2010. Gospel Music channel featured our choir's story on “Road to the Finale” in 2011. You can catch it on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/bZ5_2Tlkrfo

Share a testimony or story about your choir. 

The Christ Church Concert Chorale was originally started as a youth choir with about a dozen teens (many of whom had never sang together or harmonized). The first time Pastor Mike Anderson stood them in a circle and taught them to sing parts, something special was introduced. The anointing of the Lord fell on them. There are many unique testimonies. A couple notable ones: Standing under a railroad bridge on a busy shopping day in south London and watching the thronged sidewalks stilled and arrested by the anointed singing of this choir and seeing people on the street stop and take a moment to worship some with tears in their eyes as the choir sang.

Individuals in the crowd made their way to service that night and received their personal Pentecost. Another occasion was singing on the sidewalk in front of a Dallas, Texas restaurant spontaneously asked by the Pastor to sing for a biker gang. We watched them affected by the anointing taking their hats off in respect to the feeling of worship. These are fun moments. Now several years later the original youth have transitioned into an accomplished Concert Choir with most of its members involved in or leading other ministries of Christ Church. Their children are now becoming involved in the choir singing with the same fervency and anointing carrying on this ministry. It is beautiful to watch.

Where can we listen, purchase, and connect with your church choir? 

Our latest project “We have the Power” is available on CD, DVD through Pentecostal Publishing House and available for download on iTunes. You can check us out on our YouTube channel: Christ Church Houston. Our performance at “How Sweet the Sound” Dallas, Texas 2011 “Order my Steps” is at: http://youtu.be/iGz6s_O-0vo You can also visit us online at: www.christchurchhouston.com

Fun Stuff 

What would your choir do with a million dollars? 

We would fund a family center it is so needed in our area! We would charter a 777 and go around the world on a concert tour!

What audience would your choir most like to sing to? 

The unchurched and outreach settings it is so fulfilling to see people touched by the presence of the LORD JESUS.

What country would your choir like to have a concert in? 

Go back to London and Paris (scheduled in 2013) and a concert tour in Europe.

Who does your want to send a 'shout out' to? 

Our Christ Church Houston family who have supported us with their prayers and love. Donald Lawrence, Marvin Sapp, CeCe Winans, and Byron Cage who have given us so many accolades. The staff at Daystar Television Houston who have promoted us all these years. All our supporters who voted for us on How Sweet the Sound. But mostly our shout goes to the LORD JESUS Christ! For saving us and keeping us. Thank YOU Jesus!


Thank you for having us on My Hope Radio!